Amber Flag

The Amber Flag initiative in St. Brigid’s strives to promote the Positive mental health of all students. This initiative is supported by Pieta House and encourages students to raise awareness of the stigmas that exist in their environments and the stressors on the mental and emotional wellbeing of those in their school community.

St. Brigid’s has been successful in attaining this Flag for several years thanks to the great work of the Amber Flag team, which is run by both teachers and students from all year groups.

This year, an area of need recognised by the Amber Flag committee was organising year group bonding activities. This led to a film day for all year groups and a continuation of the tea/ coffee mornings.

Part of promoting the positive mental health of students is our annual Respect and Wellbeing Weeks. Students reflect on the importance of looking after their physical and mental health with events including Sports Day and Digital Detox Day.

A huge impact on positive mental health is sport and we are lucky in St. Brigid’s with the broad variety of sports offered to students including football, badminton, and a walking club.

Another aspect of this initiative is in raising awareness for those in need. Many fundraisers have been successfully led and run by students this year for the following organisations: Kerry Mental Health, Kenya Education Project, Send a sick child to Lourdes, Ukrainian Crisis Appeal and Daffodil Day