St. Brigid’s Law and Debating Society offers students the unique opportunity to explore a whole range of student-centered learning activities.

St. Brigid’s Law and Debating Society Activities

· Legal Debate Competitions

· Student Mock Trials

· Exploration of Legal Careers

· Visits from Faculty of Law University Lecturers

· Exploration of the various strands of law

· Walking debates and legal discussions

· Virtual tours of Courts in Dublin and around the World

· Visits and talks from Legal Professionals

· Analysis of episodes from Court Room Reality TV shows such as Judge Judy

· Developing legal language and advocacy skills

· Analysis of the Irish Legal and Court System


The Society was set up in September 2022 and has been very popular amongst our students, particularly those who are considering a future career in law.

Student Roles

A chairperson and deputy chairperson, as well as communication officers are appointed each year. Students are encouraged to offer their input in relation to what activities they would like to engage in and what aspects of Law they would like to find out more about.

Mock Trials

Mock Trials are a fun activity where students are given a set of circumstances and then take on the role of barrister, solicitor, plaintiff, defendant, witness or jury member and immerse themselves fully in a legal trial experience. Students dress up in legal gowns and wigs and are given the opportunity to put on both their legal and acting hats, engaging in their very own courtroom dramas.

Law Debate Competitions

Students from the Society regularly enter Debating Competitions. For example, in March 2023, 4 members of St. Brigid’s Law and Debating Society represented the school as All Ireland finalists at the Griffith College Faculty of Law Schools Debating Competition in Dublin.