The Board of Management operates within the guidelines of the Articles of Management of Secondary Schools and the educational philosophy of St. Brigid’s Secondary School.


Chairperson: Mr. Michael Larkin

Trustee/CEIST Representatives: Mr. Michael Larkin, Mr. Rory Darcy ,Ms. Siobhán Bennett, Mr. Pat Fleming

Parent Representatives: Ms. Michelle Byrne, Mr. Ronan Doyle

Teacher Representatives: Ms. Maria Neary , Ms. Carol O' Dowd

Secretary to the Board: Ms. Róisín Moore (Principal)

Four members are nominated by the Trustees (owners) of the school. Two are parents of pupils currently in the school, and are elected by the other parents, and two are teachers, elected by their fellow teachers in the school.

The Board facilitates the school community in realising and maintaining its values. It appoints teachers who are willing to accept and implement the values of the school. It provides adequate buildings, facilities, and financial support for the task and shows a readiness to implement curricula innovation. Finally, it has ultimate responsibility for the Catholic character of the school 

The Principal of the school acts as the Secretary to the Board of Management. The Board meets approximately 8 times per year and discusses any and all issues that can affect the school in any way. The most important function of the Board is to ensure the safety and security of everybody within the School Community. After this, the Board's duty is to run the school in the best possible manner, one that will benefit all parties, and that is within the guidelines laid down by the Trustees and the Department of Education.

If anybody would like any further information about the Board of Management, Ms.Róisín Moore as the Secretary to the Board, would be delighted to assist in any way that she possibly can.


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